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Need an ATM in the Bakersfield?

The 9th largest city in California, Bakersfield is a thriving region that offers a host of attractions and recreational venues. Located between Los Angeles and Fresno, Bakersfield is the seat of Kern County, specifically located in the southern tip of the San Joaquin Valley. Established in 1889 by Colonel Thomas Baker, Bakersfield has enjoyed immense population growth since its founding, so that it is considered today as one of the fastest growing cities in the sunny state of California. The region has an exciting entertainment scene as well as an arts and culture landscape. The city holds annual festivals and shows which lure in visitors and tourists all year through. With its diverse and flourishing economy, beautiful communities and neighborhoods and various local attractions, Bakersfield is an excellent location for residential and business purposes.

As a business owner in Bakersfield, you can take advantage of the city's thriving economy by making sure that your business is one step ahead of the competition, in terms of customer service and innovation. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to accomplish this is to ensure that your customers have access to cash whenever they need it. This is why you need Bakersfield ATM solutions from EZ ATM.

An industry leader in ATM Sales and ATM Processing, EZ ATM provides services which are a perfect fit for every kind of business. Whether you are operating a huge retail shop in Bakersfield or managing a small-time yet promising service-oriented business, a Bakersfield ATM may potentially increase your revenue without having to rely on more manpower.

Consumer-behavior studies show that as much as 25% of ATM-withdrawn cash is spent within its immediate vicinity. Putting up a Bakersfield ATM within the premises of your business establishment gives your customers the access that they need should they prefer to pay with cash. In fact, an ATM machine can be a valuable investment even for shops that accept credit card payments. Providing your customers with an option to pay for cash allows you to save on credit card fees, which may be anywhere between 2% and 3% of the total purchase.

Your customers will no longer need to leave your place just to get the cash they need. A Bakersfield ATM provides better customer convenience so that it also increases the chances of your business getting repeat customers. Best of all, you get paid with cash – which means you don't need to worry about bouncing checks or exorbitant credit card processing fees.

As a rapidly growing city, Bakersfield is positioned to achieve even better growth in the future. Position your business a few steps ahead of the competition. Get in touch with EZ ATM today to learn more about putting up a Bakersfield ATM for your business.