Want an ATM in your business, but not the day-to-day hassle of operating it? We provide a turnkey solution, cover all costs, and pay you per transaction.

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welcomeAt EZ ATMs we understand that not everyone can maintain or monitor their ATMs. That is why we offer a no-hassle free ATM placement service. With our ATM placement service you can utilize our "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option to place an ATM in a high-traffic location. As one of the leading providers in ATMs throughout the United States, EZ ATM can ensure that you have a reliable, profitable and well-maintained ATM regardless of where it is placed. Our technicians and customer support representatives know what it takes to maintain a profitable high-volume ATM, which is why we have implemented a state-of-the-art free ATM placement service to help you get the return you want on your investment.

Included in our Free ATM Placement Service

  • Armored Car Cash Vault Services – With our free ATM placement you will receive an armored car delivery for your daily cash vault services, which means your ATM will have cash on hand at all times.
  • Surcharge Earnings – When you use the free ATM placement, you will still receive a generous portion of the surcharge for your ATM. Typically we give back 25 to 50 percent of the surcharge, which means the more traffic you have, the more you will earn.
  • Real-Time, Web-Based Tracking and Reports – Login to your account with EZ ATMs and see all of your daily transactions, surcharges, earnings, revenue and more. You can set limitations for your ATMs that will automatically notify you when your cash vault reaches a certain dollar amount. Generate daily, weekly or even monthly reports to track your earnings and project revenue earnings for the future.
  • Free ATM Placement – Even though we are handling all of the work, you still enjoy our free ATM placement service, ATM processing and more. We will handle everything from the installation to the maintenance, replenish cash, take care of insurance, replace supplies when needed and replace the machine itself if it ever falters.

Getting Started with Free ATM Placement by EZ ATMs

You can get started today by qualifying online or contacting a Free ATM Placement Specialist by calling 888.884.4ATM now. When you apply you will go through a series of steps that help us not only qualify you, but ensure you get the right ATM for your establishment.

Step One: Location Qualifying

Before EZ ATMs can let you take advantage of our free ATM placement, we need to ensure your location qualifies. Qualifying factors will include:
  • A location with more than 500 customers on average per day
  • A location with high-volume foot traffic

Step Two: ATM Paperwork

After the site has qualified for free ATM placement, you will have to review, sign and fax back the ATM placement paperwork in order to get started. These documents will include:
  • A one-page site release discussing the parameters of the agreement
  • A document that shows a diagram of your location and where the ATM placement willoccur
  • A document that provides details regarding your ATM, ownership, signage, VIN numbers, surcharges processed and received and more.
  • A document that gives EZ ATM permission to automatically deposit your earnings into your bank account

Step Three: Finishing

In order for your ATM placement to occur, you will need to provide our technicians with:
  • A dedicated 110 power outlet
  • A dedicated phone line or request a wireless unit

After all three steps have been completed, your free ATM placement can begin. We expedite shipping and ensure that your ATM is installed and ready to use within as little as one week for most locations. After the ATM is in place, we will send an EZ ATM technician to your site to have it installed within the same day. After installation is complete, your ATM will be equipped with cash and ready to operate.

Enjoy all of the EZ ATM placement benefits that include maintenance, free ATM replacement, monitoring and customer support that comes with a reliable ATM by calling (888) 884-4ATM now.