Every gas station needs and ATM, and patrons have become to expect the amenity. EZ ATM provides service to numerous gas stations nationwide.

atms for Gas Stations

welcomeGas stations require ATMs for traveling and local customers. Since ATMs for gas stations receive a high-volume of traffic, they can be extremely profitable as long as they are reliable. Gas station owners can take advantage of the high-tech ATMS for gas stations that are offered by EZ ATMs for their establishment. With a variety of machines to suit your establishment's needs, EZ ATMs can pair our high-quality machines with our variety of package options so that you find the right ATMs for gas stations for your business.

1. "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option

We know that some clients just want to install it and forget about it, which is why we offer a hands-off option for ATMs for gas stations. With this Turnkey Option, our customers let our technicians handle everything from installation to cash replenishment to maintenance. All you have to do is tell us where to install it and we handle the rest. With the "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option you can receive:

  • Free installation and maintenance
  • Free cash vault replenishing
  • Free machine replacement
  • Free daily web-based reports to track your earnings
  • Free tech support

With the Turnkey Option you will still receive a substantial portion of the surcharge fee, which means you will still earn a profit just for letting us place one of our ATMs for gas stations in your establishment.

2. Partnership/Co-Op Option

If you still want to operate your ATMs for gas stations, you can do so with EZ ATMs Partnership/Co-Op Option. With the Partnership/Co-Op Option, you can install one or more ATMs for gas stations inside your establishment. You handle all of the cash vault replenishing and we take it from there by providing you with:

  • Free ATM processing
  • Free installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Free tech support and troubleshooting
  • Free daily web-based reports to track earnings
  • Free monitoring to tell you when your cash supply is low

Most ATMs for gas stations are using this option. It provides you with the freedom of owning an ATM machine, but without worrying about maintenance and troubleshooting. With this option you will still receive a generous portion of the surcharge, which means you still earn a profit while we maintain your ATM.

3. Ownership Option

At EZ ATMs, we provide you with the option of owning your own ATMs for gas stations. Through this option you will purchase the ATMs outright and take care of all of the cash replenishing in your vault. From there, you will receive:

  • Free installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Free backup services and training
  • Free real-time monitoring and data processing to know how much you
    are earning on a daily basis
  • Free ATM processing

With the Ownership Option you will get to keep 100% of the surcharge. That means you set the price and you earn from it.

You can get started with one of these three options for ATMS for gas stations by calling an EZ ATM customer service representative at 888.884.4atm now.