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Need an ATM in the Lake Tahoe?

Rustic, luxurious and beautiful in one breath, Lake Tahoe has it all. A major tourist attraction that links California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is more than just a freshwater lake. Here you can find some of the most exciting ski resorts, incredible hiking and bicycling trails, opulent golf courses and casinos and a selection of restaurants. With a surface elevation of 1,897 m, Lake Tahoe – known to be the biggest alpine lake in the country – boasts of amazing, panoramic views. The tourism industry in Lake Tahoe is a thriving industry, as the region has always been known as a prime vacation spot as well as an exhilarating destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A selection of resorts is available while outdoor and indoor activities also abound. If you simply want to relax after a rough day of water sports and camping, Lake Tahoe also offers the finest dining, shopping and fitness & spa options. The second largest lake in the world, Lake Tahoe pulls in about three million visitors each year.

For the business owner in Lake Tahoe, this impressive three million-figure already represents a huge market. By being the first to cater to your consumers' needs, before anyone else, there's no reason why you shouldn't be doing excellent business in Lake Tahoe.

One of the best ways to increase your sales – and provide for your customers' need for cash access – is to put up a Lake Tahoe ATM. While many shoppers use their credit cards for shopping, a good number of the entire consumer population still carry ATM cards with them when venturing out to buy goods or avail of services. A Lake Tahoe ATM smartly anticipates your customers' need to withdraw cash anytime they need to. This already puts you way ahead of the competition.

If you think that your small business cannot benefit from an ATM, think again. An ATM machine can save time and manpower, since you can deposit the funds straight to your bank account. Plus, cash payments help to reduce credit card payment processing fees. Business owners handle 2% to 3% of the costs involved in processing credit card payments. A Lake Tahoe ATM increases the chances that your customers will pay cash, which is after all, a liquid asset considered as the lifeblood of any business.

At EZ ATM, you can count on us for any kind of ATM Solution – whether it's ATM Sales, Mobile ATM Service or ATM Processing. To help you put up your own ATM machine within the premises of your Lake Tahoe retail store, we will guide you from selection to programming. We also provide competitive, reasonable pricing and offer reliable after-sales support. With a Lake Tahoe ATM, you can even avail of the machine through monthly installments, making it an excellent investment for business owners in the region.

Add more value to your business. Invest in a Lake Tahoe ATM today and see the difference.