We have proudly served the states capitol for many years and have hundreds of happy customers. EZ ATM is a local Sacramento based ATM companywith years of trusted experience.

Need an ATM in the Sacramento?

As the capital of California, Sacramento is at the center of everything. It has a strategic location that has contributed to its impressive growth beginning the 19th century. Sacramento has preserved many of its older buildings and charming cobble-stoned streets, found in Old Sacramento. Today, the city is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, flourishing economy and a remarkable cultural and arts scene. Sacramento offers myriad and diverse attractions, ranging from art museums and theaters to historic parks and zoos. The California State Railroad Museum alone draws in more than 500,000 visitors yearly. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the American River Bicycle Trail, American River Parkway and Sacramento Zoo. The city of Sacramento also offers a wide variety of dining options, as its distinct and ever expanding food culture has already gained regional and nationwide recognition.

The city has grown impressively in the last 10 years, according to the city government of Sacramento, offering ample opportunities to investors and business owners who plan to establish new business or expand their markets. If you own a store in Sacramento or plan to put up one, there is every reason for you to invest in a Sacramento ATM. Even more so if your business relies on cash-based payments – your customers will definitely appreciate an easy route for them to get cash whenever they need to.

In fact, businesses that accept alternate modes of payment such as credit cards and checks may also benefit from an ATM machine investment. With credit card transactions costing retail stores anywhere from 2% to 3 % in fees, a cash-based operation reduces costs significantly. Plus, cash payments eliminate any worry for bad debts. With all of these savings and added profitability, putting up an ATM is already a worthwhile investment.

Here at EZ ATM, we recognize the importance of a simplified ATM solution for business, retail stores, and merchants in Sacramento. Whether you need ATM Sales or a Mobile ATM Service, we can adapt our existing services to satisfy your current needs. Our state-of-the-art machines employ the best technologies to guarantee only the best service for your business.

Studies have shown that ATM customers spend as much as 25% more than shoppers that use other modes of payment. Furthermore, an ATM user will visit an ATM machine on an average of seven times per month. A Sacramento ATM has the potential to increase your sales, without your business having to pay for more manpower or spend more on advertising.

A small innovative change in the way you do business can potentially improve customer traffic to your shop and foster better client relationships. Invest in a Sacramento ATM today and increase your sales anywhere from 8% to 20%. Look no further than EZ ATM to get the ATM solutions perfect for your Sacramento business.