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Need an ATM in the San Francisco?

One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, San Francisco is the city to see and be seen in when you're visiting California. There are many things that make up the attraction that is San Francisco, and not least among these is the city's interesting blend of old-world and modern architecture, popular landmarks and cool, beautiful summers. A few of its must-see destinations and attractions are the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach. Steeped in culture and history but nevertheless offering the best of contemporary attractions, San Francisco is one city that offers something for everyone. The city is also known for its impressive museums, seaports and beaches and expansive parks. The second most populous city in the U.S., San Francisco is considered as the financial hub of the San Francisco Bay area in California. The city attracts millions of visitors annually, with approximately 15.9 million visitors listed for the year 2010.

With its flourishing business community, San Francisco is definitely a prime location for entrepreneurs, business organizations and merchants. The city is made up of establishments large and small, all catering to a diverse market that values product excellence, reliable service and innovation. As a business owner in San Francisco, you will want to guarantee the convenience and loyalty of your customers. This is where putting up a San Francisco ATM can help.

Whether yours is a large company, like a hotel or a restaurant, or a small-scale retail store, an on-site ATM can bring your business a wealth of benefits. Putting up a San Francisco ATM can significantly improve customer traffic, bringing in more business for your company. In fact, an on-site ATM can increase sales anywhere from 8% to 20%. If your customers are able to withdraw cash without having to leave the store premises, you are essentially giving them one good reason to do business with you. This, in turn, allows your business to gain more repeat customers and enjoy longer-term gains.

Statistics have shown, moreover, that 25% of ATM-withdrawn cash is spent on-site. For restaurants and bars, this percentage can climb to as high as 75%.

At EZ ATM, we understand what every business owner needs when purchasing an in-store ATM machine: an exceptional ATM machine equipped with first-rate features, competitive rates and after- sales service. In business since 2006, EZ ATM has grown to be one of most trusted leaders in ATM Sales and ATM Processing nationwide.

Make the right investment today, reap all the benefits tomorrow. With ATM users spending more than their non-ATM-using counterparts, a San Francisco ATM can dramatically increase your sales with just a single investment. Contact us at EZ ATM today to learn about getting the best prices and payment schemes on a San Francisco ATM installation.