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Need an ATM in the San Jose?

One of the largest cities in California, San Jose is home to some of the most popular landmarks, prominent tech schools and universities, and software and engineering companies within the state. San Jose earned the moniker "Capital of Silicon Valley", being the biggest city within the valley. The city produces a high number of computer science and engineering graduates annually, all coming from famous institutions and universities such as the University of California, California State University, San Francisco State University and Stanford University. IBM, Cisco Systems, eBay, and Adobe Systems count as several of the top employers within San Jose. The city is known for many historically significant landmarks and architecturally admired buildings, including Mount Hamilton, Kelley Park, Spartan Stadium and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. The attractions of San Jose encompass impeccably- maintained parks and gardens, recreational trails, museums and other cultural attractions and sport venues.

San Jose, as one of the fastest-growing cities in California, is host to many of the most established tech companies in the state and all over the country. The City of San Jose encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to do business in the city. With its prosperous business community and as the largest city in the world-famous Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to both large-scale companies and promising start-ups.

To take advantage of this thriving business climate in San Jose, every business owner needs to think out of the box. The customer is always king – and this is why putting up a San Jose ATM benefits your business in ways more than one.

In this credit-driven buying climate, many customers still carry cash or ATMs with them when they shop at retail stores or avail of services. And the statistics appears promising enough – customers who use ATMs when shopping tend to spend more, as much as 25%, than non-ATM users. An on-site San Jose ATM can amplify your sales – all from a one-time investment that helps you to improve customer service, as well.

Credit card payment processing fees can range between 2% and 3%. When your customers pay through cash, you can do away with having to pay for these credit card fees. An on-site ATM also provides your customers with an added payment option, so they can easily pay through cash even if they have their credit cards with them.

If you're planning to install a San Jose ATM in your retail store, boutique, or restaurant, choosing the right ATM vendor is just as important as choosing the best ATM machine for your business. Here at EZ ATM, we offer a selection of simplified ATM solutions for different kinds of businesses. As a market leader in the ATM Vending industry, we offer only the best machines, first-rate installation and support services, all at the most competitive prices.

Make your business stand out. Invest in a San Jose ATM to benefit from reduced costs, guaranteed cash payments, and increased number of customers. Talk with us at EZ ATM today, so we can get started in getting the right ATM solution for your business.