Looking for an ATM in the Seattle area? We have proudly serviced the Seattle area for many years and have many happy customers, including the Comcast Arena.

Need an ATM in the Seattle?

Only a few ATM companies truly stand out in the Northwest region of the US when it comes to dependable and timeless service. We at EZ ATM have managed to stay on top because we simply did not rest on our laurels – we continued to provide stellar service and we grew more in terms of services offered. Simply being the best is not enough – the ATM industry is constantly changing and technology continues to advance and better people's lives.

We here at EZ ATM keep up with the times by constantly updating our methodology, and offering the best and most advanced ATMs in the market. Security is a big deal with anything related to money and it's no secret that criminals are getting smarter each day. This is why you need an ATM solutions provider who will keep your money safe and secure. Each time we deploy an ATM, we check it thoroughly for weak spots, dents and other flaws. Then we guide you throughout the installation process to make sure the system is running smoothly. We also give out handy tips on how to troubleshoot common problems with ATMs.

Other companies would leave you in the dirt once they get your money, but here at EZ ATM, once you become our customer, we will take care of you. We are a company unparalleled in our dedicated after- sales service, no matter what you purchased from us. Need help with a malfunction? Our technicians are available even during the wee hours of the morning to help you out. We even cover services like maintenance and cash replenishment for free!

An ATM is a great way to increase sales for your store, or gain more clients for your service-oriented company. An ATM nearby would make it easier for customers to spend more, which they tend to do when they can have more funds readily available to them. Not only will you get more customers in-
store, you also earn profits from surcharges in each transaction. This means you can turn in a profit from people who don't really need anything from your store/office, but are just simply passing by and happened to see your ATM!

If your area doesn't have much space, or a telephone line is too far away, you can also opt for a mobile Seattle ATM. With mobile ATMs, a small percentage is deducted from the surcharge earnings. Even with the deduction, mobile is a great way to go especially if you couldn't afford to have an ATM through normal means because your location is not conducive to having one.

Whether you're thinking of changing your existing ATM provider, or if you're thinking about purchasing an ATM for the first time, we are here to help you make the right choices that will help your business. Just give us a call today and we guarantee a smooth and easy process that won't give you headaches and hurt your wallet.