Interested in selling your ATM locations? Our analysts can help evaluate your locations and give you an estimate of what to expect. We can also connect you with the right buyer.

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welcomeAre you trying to sell ATM portfolios?

At EZ ATMs we can help you sell ATM portfolios. No matter how many units, or even if it is just one unit, we can help you. Sell your ATMs from multiple locations or routes through a trusted name in ATM services. There are literally thousands of individuals out there ready to buy ATMs and get started with their own ATM business. Let EZ ATM help you sell your ATMs and avoid the hassle associated with it.

On the Lookout for Buyers

We are constantly on the lookout for buyers and individuals looking for ATM opportunities. Sell your ATMs through EZ ATMs and we can find the buyers for you.

Getting Started

If you are ready to sell all or part of your ATMs or you are looking to sell an entire ATM business, get started today by contacting EZ ATMs at <insert number here> now. When you contact our representatives about selling your ATMs, we will need just the following basic information from you to get started:
  • Tell us what type of ATMs you need to sell
  • Tell us how many ATMs you need to sell
  • Tell us where your units are located and the types of units they are
  • Tell us any other relevant facts we need to know in order to sell your ATM portfolio

From there, our EZ ATM professionals can come up with a plan and fair value for your ATMs to get you started. In most cases, we can sell your ATMs quickly, which means you can get on with your life.

There are hundreds of reasons ATM business owners decide to sell their units. Selling a unit does not mean the business failed or the buyer's business will fail. In fact, most ATM owners do exceptionally well at making a reasonable income through their ATM business, but commonly have to close their units down due to:

  • Family emergencies
  • Health issues
  • Circumstances beyond their control
  • Liquidation needs

No matter the reasons why you need to sell your ATMs, let us do the work for you. As the leader in ATM sales for the United States, we can find buyers,

The EZ ATM Difference

We are not out to make a fortune from your sale. Instead, we want to help other business owners just like you get into their own ATM business. That is why we offer our services with an affordable rate attached to all sales and costs. We want to help you sell your ATMs quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves on customer service and paying our clients on time. By doing so, we have been able to guarantee a painless and profitable ATM sales service for hundreds of customers just like you. So get started today by calling a customer service representative at 888.884.4ATM.