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  • Do you wish you could see a bigger profit at the end of each monthwithout working harder?
  • Do you want to make it easy for customers to spend more money at your location?
  • Are credit card processing fees nickel and diming your business to death?
  • Do you suspectcustomers are going “across the street” to find a cash machine?

You’re missing out on a lucrative passive revenue stream when you don’t have an ATM on site

How Does an ATM Benefit Your Business?

Turn nearby traffic into thru traffic: Getting cashis often a spur of the moment decision – just like the impulse buying that follows. An ATM puts your business in the right place at the right time to capture extra spending.

Keep customers coming back:Visiting a location with a reliable ATM quickly becomes a habit. Every dollar pulled from a cash machine can translate into more retail sales.

Enjoy less hassle at the register: Encourage cash transactions so credit card companies skim less of your profits each month. Enforce a reasonable “no checks accepted” policy instead of a “returned check” fee.

Tap into easy money: The most attractive benefit of having an ATM on site is that up to 100% of the surcharge paid by each user goes into YOUR business bank account.

YOU cash in every time your customers get cash out!

Mobile ATM


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We Make Getting Started Simple

There’s actually only one thing you need to do before you contact us:assess the potential of your location. You should have at least 200 people coming through on foot on a daily basis for your ATM to generate a healthy profit.If you have the numbers, we will make it worth your while to get an automated teller machine.

At EZ ATM, we walk you through the process of selecting the ideal machine and determining where to place itfor excellent visibility and access. Then, we ship your machine ASAP and professionally install it at your location (delivery and install services are always FREE).When setup is complete, your earnings start adding up right away. It’s no wonder our ATMs are such a popular moneymaker for businesses just like yours across the US.

Contact EZ ATM today for a free consultation about your earning potential

Featured Services


Atm Sales

Owning 100% of an ATM means owning 100% of the profits it generates in surcharges. Since you set your own fees, you decide how much to earn. Our great customer support package is included at no cost with all our ATM sales. If you’d like to ease into ownership, we make our machines affordable with monthly payment plans. Your machine literally pays for itself while you watch.

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Mobile Atm's for events

Sometimes, when your customers want cash fast that means you need a cash machine fast. Our wireless mobile ATMs are a go-anywhere solution for short term assignments. EZ ATM supplies everything from the user-friendly equipmentto the money in the vault along with full on-site technical support as needed. You just bring in the crowds. We’ll handle the rest.

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Free Atm Placement

What’s even better than buying an ATM for your business? Getting one without paying for it! Our free ATM placement service lets businesses with high foot traffic get paid without making any investment at all.In addition to providing our usual no-cost delivery and installation, we stock the machine with cash and keep up with any maintenance needs. Your only worry will be how to spend your cut of the surcharge…

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atm processing

A cash machine is built to be easy to use; but what do you really know about the business end of an ATM? Who are your network providers? Where do those deposits go? How do you know when the cash vault is getting low? How do you keep track of the money you are making in surcharges? Our ATM processing services help you manage the business of making money. And you won't believe how much we do for FREE.

event and sports venues

Have you been to a popular festival, sports game or conventionrecently? Anywhere a hotdog costs $7, a soft drink costs $5 and parking costs $20, you know people are looking for the closest ATM. That's why we make sure they can find one. Our rugged, portable ATMs come complete with a canopy to keep out the sun and rain in outdoor venues as well as bright signage to keep patrons flocking in. With easy access to cash, spending soars and everyone wins!

ATM Fast StatsThat Can Boost Your Business

  • The average withdrawal from an ATM is $60 – and most customers spend $20 of that amount immediately. Put your most attractive goods right next to your ATM and watch your profits go through the roof.
  • The average ATM user visits a cash machine at least 10 times per month. That’s 10 separate surcharges regardless of the amount withdrawn. Make sure you set a competitive (but profitable) fee on your machine and you’ll become a favorite location for return visitors
  • The average ATM machine is used 900 times per year. If you pick the right location, your numbers could be even higher! Pay attention to every detail that makes your ATM more attractive and convenient.


Top 4 Ways to Get Cash from an ATM

Buy – This is a fantastic option for established business owners. You get to keep every cent in surcharges but you still get our top-of-the line customer support.

Lease – Not sure how long you’ll be in your current location? You can still lease a unit and make money for as long as you have a spot for an ATM.

Free – No hassles, just more money in your bank account with an ATM that we supply. We even provide the cash for the machine so you are out zero dollars (and you have nothing to lose).

Invest – ATMs are always making money. No matter what the economy does, people need cash. You can be as hands on or as hands off as you like and still make a guaranteed return.


Tips for Choosing the Right Machine

Know where it goes. All machines require a dedicated 110 power outlet. Some machines require a phone line as well. If you don’t have a line in a good location, you might consider a wireless ATM.

Are you replacing an old ATM? Always review the specs so you know how much retrofitting is required to make a new unit fit the existing space.

How fancy does your machine need to be? There are plenty of high-tech options with modern cash machines that double as ticket kiosks and digital ad centers. But the most important thing will always be having a transaction that’s fast and user-friendly.

Our knowledgeable representatives can answer all your questions about the best and most reliable ATMs on the market. Call us today and let’s talk money!