As one of the largest distributors of Genmega and Hyosung EZ ATM provides unbeatable rates on top of the line machines. You won't find a better price.

We are the leader in ATM sales

welcomePurchasing an ATM can be the first step in a profitable direction. Unfortunately, not all ATM sales companies are alike. Therefore, buyers need to be on the lookout for a quality supplier when they are ready to purchase ATM machines. At EZ ATM Sales, we pride ourselves on making ATM sales quick, easy and rewarding for our customers. When a customer purchases ATM machines through us, we provide comprehensive training as well as insider tips for ATM success. After all, our client's profitability mirrors our reliability as an ATM sales provider.

Customer Training and Support

EZ ATM Sales helps our customers purchase an ATM that best suits their space and setup requirements.
Throughout the entire process our EZ ATM Sales customers will receive:
  • Programming assistance
  • Installation assistance
  • Service and handling customer support
  • ATM monitoring
  • Troubleshooting support
  EZ ATM Sales customer service support staff and technicians are available throughout the day to assist our customers with common questions, concerns and troubleshooting.

Filling the ATM

After a customer purchases an ATM, the first question often asked is how they fill the machine with money. Many customers are surprised to learn that it does not require a lot of cash to start using an ATM machine. Customers fill the EZ ATM models with their own cash and as a customer withdraws funds, the money is deposited directly into their assigned bank account within as little as 48 hours. In reality, a customer just needs enough cash on hand to keep their ATM stocked for two to three days at a time.

Make a Profit with Surcharges

ATM sales are about profitability. That is why EZ ATM Sales provides our customers with the ability to make a living right from their ATM machines. When a customer buys an ATM through EZ ATM Sales, they get to keep the surcharge. Even better? EZ ATM Sales customers can set their own surcharge fee. That means the profitability potential is endless.

Why EZ ATM Sales?

There are many ATM sales companies out there, but EZ ATM Sales surpasses the expectations of customers looking to purchase ATM machines daily. With EZ ATM Sales, customers can expect:
  • A high-quality ATM machine
  • Unlimited 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting assistance
  • To earn a profit by setting and keeping their own surcharge fees
  • Real-time ATM processing
  • Free shipping and handling
  • …and more!

Why EZ ATM Sales?

EZ ATM Sales offers affordable, monthly payments for customers ready to purchase ATM machines. All EZ ATM Sales customers need to get started is a credit card, bank account for deposits, receipt paper and cash to get their machine started – we take care of the rest.

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