Need ATM's for your casino? We offer equipment and service tailored to the industry, which is essentialto these high volume locations.

atms for casinos

welcomeCasinos are in high demand for cash. As a cash transaction business, ATMs for casinos are guaranteed to make a profit of some sort, even with multiple ATMs in the facility. When looking for ATMs for casinos, consider choosing EZ ATM. As the leading supplier of ATMs for casinos in the United States, our customer service representatives understand how the casino ATM industry works and can ensure you get a reliable, profitable machine to place in any casino, anywhere in the United States. EZ ATM offers a variety of ATMs for casinos that will fit not only the size of the facility, but the location within the facility where it will be placed. Contact an EZ ATM sales representative today to get started with your ATMs for casinos purchase by calling (888) 884-4ATM now. EZ ATM customers shopping for ATMs for casinos have three options to choose from to help select the right ATM for their business. Those options are:

1. "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option

ATMs for casino deal in high-volume and a high number of transactions at all hours of the day. As an ATM owner, you will have to decide how "hands-on" you want to be with your ATMs for casinos. The Turnkey Option is perfect for the ATM owner who does not want to be involved in maintaining, reloading and operating the machine throughout the day. EZ ATM technicians will handle it all by:

  • Making sure your machine is loaded with cash at all times
  • Providing you with daily reports of transactions and profits
  • Providing you with a substantial portion of the surcharge fee
  • Giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the casino, rather than the ATM

With the Turnkey Option, our EZ ATM technicians will ensure that your ATMs for casinos do not have
any significant down times and we will replace your machine if ever it runs less than optimum.

2. Partnership/Co-Op Option

The Partnership/Co-Op Option is ideal for the owner who wants a little involvement in their ATMs for casinos. With this EZ ATM option, you will be in charge of topping out the cash vault daily, but we will take it from there and provide you with:

  • Full maintenance
  • Free installation
  • Full ATM processing
  • ATM monitoring to tell you when your cash vault is low
  • A portion of the surcharge fee for profit

Most casino owners opt for the Partnership/Co-Op Option due to its convenience and affordability.

3. Ownership Option

ATMs for casinos that are purchased outright by the owner can enjoy the Free Processing Option from EZ ATMs. With this option, casino owners replenish their cash vaults daily and EZ ATM will handle the backup services and training so that you can run your ATM. With the EZ ATM Free Processing Option you will receive:

  • Real-time online processing
  • Free report generation for revenue and profit
  • Around the clock technical support

Get started with ATMs for casinos today by calling <insert number here> now.