Automated Teller Machines come in all shapes and sizes, and there is never a one size fits all solution. We evaluate your situation and provide outside the box thinking mentality to provide the best solution for your needs.

We are your ATM solution

welcomeATM machines are one of the fastest ways to generate a profit, especially in today's economy. With more consumers choosing cash transactions rather than credit cards, now is the time to get in on this growing industry. Our ATM solutions provide customers with an easy, accessible and affordable way to start a business without worrying about an office, staff or customer service representatives. All our customers need is to purchase or lease a machine from us and we take care of the rest. Making money has never been so simple!


  • There are over 350,000 ATM machines currently located in the United States.
  • There are over 13 billion ATM machine transactions recorded annually.
  • There are over 200 million people in the United States with an ATM or debit card.
  • On average, a person withdraws $60 from an ATM machine at one time and will spend at least $20 of it immediately.
  • On average, a person visits an ATM machine at least 10 times per month.
  • Over 80% of all ATM transactions are due to impulse rather than plan.

EZ ATM Solutions

We provide ATM solutions for those looking to start an affordable and profitable business. Since people rely on ATMs to get cash, we know that when an ATM is placed in a public location it will be used. Our ATM solutions can help attract those customers by placing an ATM machine in a central, easy-to-find location. Customers will enjoy the ease and access of cash from our client's machine, while our client's enjoy earning a profit just by placing their machine in that location.

The Facts about Portable ATMs

When a client purchases or leases an EZ ATM, they can skip the worry and need of constantly restocking their machine. With our ATM solutions, we take care of the restocking, maintenance, installation and troubleshooting – all our clients have to do is point us to where they want it.

ATM Options

At EZ ATM, we want to provide our clients with ATM solutions to the most common issues associated with starting an ATM business.
Our solutions tackle the most common issues including:

  • Limited telephone connection
  • Limited space
  • Limited technological knowledge
  • Limited internet connection

Our clients have the ability to order wireless machines, which take away the need for a live telephone or internet hard-wired connection. With our technical staff, our clients do not have to worry about installing, programming or even maintaining their machine – we will do it all.

Running a business and making a profit has never been easier than with our EZ ATM solutions. Contact us today to get started by calling <insert number here> now. An EZ ATM customer service representative assist you with choosing the right ATM machine and ATM solution package so that you can start making money in as little as one week from the time you call.