Parking lots are one of the best locations for Automated Teller Machines due to the high traffic, and in many cases, 24-hour access.

atms for Parking Lots

welcomeParking lots are an ideal place for an ATM. Whether it is at a grocery store, in a parking garage or even at a school, ATMs for parking lots have high visibility, high traffic and multiple transactions completed every hour. When you are ready to place ATMS for parking lots in your establishment, trust in the reliability and security of EZ ATMs. Our ATMs come in a variety of sizes and options, which means you can select the right ATMs for parking lots for your establishment. Contact our customer service representatives by calling <insert number now> to get started. Let us assess your needs and help you determine what ATM works best for your parking lot facility.

1. "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option

Depending on the number of ATMs for parking lots you install, you may not have the time to maintain your ATMs cash vault. With the "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option you simply tell us where to place the ATM and we handle the rest. You still earn a significant portion of the surcharge, which means you earn a profit just for letting us place ATMs for parking lots on your property. With this package you will receive:

  • Free installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and technical support
  • Free daily cash loading to prevent your machine from running out of cash
  • Free daily monitoring, real-time report generation and revenue tracking
  • Free machine replacement

2. Partnership/Co-Op Option

Maybe you want ATMs for parking lots, but you do not want to be 100% hands-off of your investment. With the Partnership/Co-Op Option you get to take part in maintaining your ATMs for parking lots, while we handle the majority of the busy work. You are responsible for refilling your cash vault daily to prevent it from running out, while we provide you with:

  • Free installation and maintenance
  • Free tech support
  • Free ATM processing
  • Free monitoring to let you know when your cash vault is low
  • Free daily monitoring, real-time report generation and revenue reports

In return for our services, we keep a percentage of your surcharge, but you get a generous portion.

3. Ownership Option

This is the perfect option if you want to own ATMs for parking lots. With this option you are responsible for maintaining your cash vault at all times, but will still provide you with backup and training to ensure you operate your ATMs for parking lots correctly. With our Ownership Option you will receive:

  • Free installation and maintenance
  • Free tech support
  • Free report generation to let you know just how much you have earned
  • Free real-time online reporting
  • Free ATM processing
  • 100% of your surcharge

If you are ready to learn more about ATMs for parking lots, contact an EZ ATMs professional by calling <insert number here> today. Our customer service representatives can provide you with the information and assistance for picking out ATMs for parking lots and help you find the best option for your new investment.