With one of the largest fleets of Mobile ATM's in the country, and 4G processing capabilities, EZ ATM is more than capable of handling an event of any size.

At EZ ATM, we go wherever the money is. Our mobile ATMs show up at a huge variety of venues:


  • Sports games
  • Entertainment events from concerts to rodeos
  • Religious or cultural festivals
  • Conventions and trade shows
  • State fairs and other large outdoor celebrations

Anywhere there’s a crowd that needs access to quick cash, you’ll see our logo.

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Benefits of Hosting a Portable ATM

Many merchants at major events don’t accept credit cards. That means patrons need folding money!Almost all the cash withdrawn from a portable ATM is spent that same day. Easy access = easy revenue for everyone involved. If you own the venue where the wireless ATM will be placed, call 888-884-4ATM now. We’ll talk you through the profit potential of our surcharge sharing plan.

Why do so many event organizers and vendors love doing business with EZ ATM?

We have one of the largest fleets of portable ATMs in the country. We use only top quality, fully reliable equipment featuring the latest technology. Our units have 4G processing capability to handle a high volume of transactions without interruption. No dedicated phone line is required – we go wireless so installation just requires access to a dedicated 110v power outlet. In fact, the small amount of electricity required to power the ATM is the only cost you pay. 

Review Our All-Inclusive Mobile ATM Package

  • Our ATMs are delivered and installed completely free of charge, even on short notice (as little as 48 hours). We get units in place before the gates open so you don’t miss out on any business.
  • We use our expertise to help position each ATM for maximum profitability. The more foot traffic you route past a cash machine, the better!
  • Bright signage is included to increase visibility. Canopies are included for outdoor locations to increase user comfort.
  • We keep the machines filled with cash so patrons never walk away empty handed. Our web-based monitoring program lets us know exactly how much cash is in each unit at all times so we can restock discretely and securely as needed.
  • All wireless ATM transactions are triple encrypted to ensure the security of your patrons’ financial data.
  • We maintain the units in tip-top condition to keep customers satisfied. This includes on-site repairs or even replacement if an unexpected service disruption occurs. Our techs are available 24/7 to help since we know big events aren’t restricted to business hours.
  • Because we own these machines, they are covered under our insurance - you don’t have liability concerns or worries of any kind.
  • When the event is over, call us. We’ll remove the ATM promptly so your whole experience is hassle free.
Contact an EZ ATM specialist today for more information about our portable ATM units. We don’t want you to miss out on making some fast cash with us. 888-884-4ATM