ATM's have become a standard amenity at all Hotels. EZ ATM works with many hotels and offers custom wooden enclosures to conform with hotel lobby esthetics.

atms for hotels

welcomeHotels are the ideal candidate for ATM placement. This is because most travelers prefer to deal with cash, rather than risk losing a credit card while on the road. At EZ ATM, we understand the importance of having reliable, profitable ATMs for hotels. As one of the leading ATM providers for hotel chains around the country, we can help your hotel select the right model and package for your ATM purchase.

1. "Hands-Off" Turnkey Option

EZ ATMs prides itself on free features and options for our clients. Since ATMs for hotels deal in high- volume and multiple transactions throughout the day, we understand that some owners want to "place it and forget it." That is why we offer our Free ATM Placement Option for the hotel owners that want to be hands off with their ATMs. With this package you will receive:

  • Free installation and maintenance
  • Free ATM cash vault refills
  • A portion of the surcharge ranging from 25 to 50 percent
  • Real-time web-based online reporting systems that will monitor your ATMs for hotels
  • Daily updates of cash transactions and profits made from surcharges

Our Free ATM Placement Option is 100% worry-free. Let EZ ATMs manage and maintain your ATM while you watch your revenue grow.

2. Partnership/Co-Op Option

The Partnership/Co-Op Option is the perfect alternative to our Turnkey Option. This is perfect for the hotel that still wants to take part in their ATMs for hotels. Rather than EZ ATMs replenishing the cash vaults, you will handle all daily replenishing and ensure your ATMs do not run out of cash. From there, you will get to take advantage of EZ ATMs:

  • Free technical support
  • Free installation and maintenance
  • Free real-time web-based online reporting
  • Free daily updates for cash transactions and surcharge earnings

With the Partnership/Co-Op option you keep a portion of the surcharge and the more traffic your machine sees, the more you earn. Deposits are made within as little as 48 hours and all you have to do is maintain the cash within the machine.

3. Ownership Option

For complete control over your EZ ATM, you have the option of purchasing ATMs for hotels outright. Our EZ ATM specialists will look over your needs, help devise a plan for the right ATM for your hotel and equip it with the options needed to make it a reliable and profitable machine for your establishment. With the Ownership Option you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Free installation, programming, tips and troubleshooting from our
    trained technicians
  • Free real-time web-based online reporting
  • Free access to an online link that allows you daily access to your
    transaction volume and surcharge earnings
  • Access to discounted rates for supplies needed for your ATMs for hotels

When you own your EZ ATMs for hotels, you get to keep 100% of the surcharge. That means you set the price and you keep that fee.

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